Project Management

Your WAD can contain multiple maps, and their numbering is determined by the source IWAD you choose to use.

For Doom1, or Freedoom1, you get 4 episodes of 9 maps each: E1M1-9, E2M1-9, E3M1-9 and E4M1-9.

For Doom2, or Freedoom2, you get 32 maps: MAP01 - MAP32.

This manual will focus on the Freedoom1 IWAD.

Create a new WAD

Use the File -> New Project menu to create a new WAD, choose the location and file name, click OK.

Next select the settings for you new project:

  • IWAD: pick freedoom1 from the list, use the Find button if you need to browse for it
  • Source Port: pick boom (or your nearest source port) from the list, use the Setup button to browse for the executable
  • If you are a GNU / Linux user, you can find the location of the executable with the bash command which prboom.

Click OK when done.


Open a map

Use the File -> Open Map menu or press control-o. Make sure you pick Find map in the PWAD above, otherwise you will be modifying the maps from the freedoom1 IWAD.


Add a new map

Use the File -> Fresh Map menu, you are prompted to pick the slot where the new map will be placed, green slots are empty and red slots already contain maps.


Rename a map

Use the File -> Rename Map menu to change the play order of a map, a dialog prompts you to pick the new slot for the map.

Slots with existing maps cannot be selected.


Copy a map

Use the File -> Copy Map menu to copy the current map to another slot.

Delete a map

Use the File -> Delete Map menu to remove the current map from the WAD. You will be prompted to confirm the delete.

Export a map

Use the File -> Export Map menu to export the current map to:

  • a new WAD
  • an existing WAD

Pick the file to export to


Select the level of the exported map