User Interface

Eureka features a 2D orthogonal view and a 3D view. Switch between the two views with the tab key.


The 2D view is used to construct walls and place things on the map


The 3D view is used to preview textures and make ceiling, floor and light adjustments

Panning and Zooming

To move around the 2D view:

  • Roll the mouse wheel to zoom
  • Click and drag with the middle mouse button (mouse wheel) to pan
  • Press home to zoom the whole map into view

The Camera

This arrow in 2D view indicates the current position of the 3D camera.

  • Press ' (single quote) in the 2D view to position the 3D camera at the location of the mouse cursor.
  • Press end in 2D view to center the map on the camera position.

When in the 3D view you can control camera movement with the following controls:

  • Roll the mouse wheel to move forward/backward
  • Click and drag left/right with the middle mouse button to rotate the view
  • Click and drag up/down with the middle mouse button to raise/lower the view

The Grid

Toggle the grid in 2D view with the Grid dropdown box (located on the bottom status bar), or by pressing g. You can quickly change the grid size with the 0-9 keys.

Toggle free mode / grid snapping with the f key.



If you encounter lag while panning a large zoomed-out map, disable grid rendering with g while panning.

Rendering Mode

The View / Sector Rendering menu toggles how the 2D view draws sectors.



This mode draws the floor textures of sectors.



This mode draws the ceiling textures of sectors.



The light render mode draws shades of sector light levels.



The sound render mode highlights sectors based on how sound travels. You have to be in sector edit mode for this mode to work (press s), hover your mouse cursor over a sector to see how sound will propagate.

  • Orange sectors indicate where sound will reach at volume 2
  • Blue sectors indicate connected sectors where sound does not reach
  • Red sectors indicate where sound will reach at volume 1

By setting the sound block flag on linedefs, you can lower the volume of traveling sounds. Sounds do not travel across two sound-blocking lines.


Find and Replace

Open the find panel with the View / Find menu or press control-f.

You can search for Things, line textures, sector flats, lines by type (specials) or sectors by type.