A teleport is triggered by walking over a linedef with the teleport special. The tag of the linedef points to the sector where the teleport lands.

Teleport Platform

  • Create a 64x64 sector for the teleport platform
  • Set the floor texture as GATE1, the ceiling as TLITE6_5
  • Enter linedef edit mode (l)
  • Press ; then f to apply a fresh tag to all four linedefs. This will point to the teleport landing sector.
  • Choose the linedef Type as 97 WR Teleport


A teleport is only triggered when walking from the Front to the Back of a linedef. This is intentional as it allows the player to walk off the landing platform without triggering another unintended teleport.

Landing Site

  • Tag the landing sector the same as the teleporter linedefs. Press ; then l to apply the last used tag to the landing sector.
  • Enter Thing edit mode (t), position the mouse cursor inside the landing sector and press ins. Choose the Type as 14 Teleport Exit (labelled as TFOG in the thing browser)
  • Click the directional arrows to set the angle of the TFOG thing. This is the angle faced after teleporting.